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Our story

2020 was a tough year for everybody, and we were no exception. Having worked as a screenprinter since 2014, Mike had a huge portion of his experience invested in the industry. He had plans of starting his own company one day to carve out his own slice of the American dream. But when that fateful March 2020 came around, this hypothetical ambition would need to become reality, and fast. After pooling together every last nickel from his savings to afford inks, presses, and other equipment, he immediately set to work printing out of his apartment. It was WILD! Despite all the obstacles, The Print Yard exists today thanks to the many loyal customers we've earned over these couple short years.

Who we are

Mike Rodriguez | Cheif Executive Officer

Mike is a Miami native with long standing ties in the local music scene. When he's not printing dope t-shirts and running the day-to-day operations at The Yard, you can catch him playing drums in various Hardcore/Punk music collaborations. In addition, Mike is an avid practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, regularly competing and training at the instructor level within some of Miami's premiere MMA gyms.



How much will my prints cost?

The cost of t-shirt screen printing can vary depending on a variety of factors, including:

1.  Quantity: 

Initial setup costs can be significant, and these costs are spread out over the total number of shirts being printed. In general, the more shirts ordered, the lower the per unit cost. 

2.  Number of colors: 

Screen printing involves creating a separate screen for each color used in the design. The more colors used, the more screens that need to be created, and the more time and resources required.

3.  Type of shirt:  

The type of shirt you choose can also affect the cost. Higher quality shirts will generally be more expensive, but they may also provide a better print quality and be more comfortable to wear.

4.  Complexity of the design:  

The more complex the design, the more time and resources it will take to create and print. This can include factors such as the size of the design, the level of detail, and the placement on the shirt.

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